Sunday, October 18, 2015

Of paint, paste wax and clean windows

This past few days have been totally about paint.  The ceiling in the living room had to be repainted as even though I still had the original paint the paint on the ceiling had yellowed so the patch stuck out like a sore thumb!  I do have to say though that the patches look amazing!  It was worth all the pennies I had to spend to have it done.  I'm also painting some base cabinets that Larry had in the garage but that I am moving to the kitchen.  That project will go on all week I'm afraid but when it's finished (and I make a trip to IKEA for a counter top) I will have 12 drawers to put things in and you will here me cheering where ever you are!  I've touched up some places on walls etc and there are a few more to do.  These little jobs are a pain, takes longer to clean the paint brush than to actually paint!

Next up was to put paste wax on all the horrid, old, need to be refinished or replaced oak floors.  This is a two part project as the floor must be scrubbed first, I did that today and tomorrow I'll do the actual waxing.  I expect to be sore.

I started washing windows and screens in the "in between time" while waiting for things to dry.

By the end of this week I should have the list nearly done!  It depends on if I decide to move the bookcases and hutch back into the living room.  I moved them out last year to make the room look larger when I put it on the market but I really HATE it!  Plus I've no place to put the cottages or stockings without it.

The weather remains warm, although it did cool off enough for the heat to pop on for a few minutes that past two mornings.  Trees are turning.  House plants are inside.  Fall is coming, isn't it?

Tonight after dinner I'm going to cut some fabric.  I Joined Chookyblue's Secret Santa swap, my first ever swap, and I have to get going on it.  At least  know what I am going to do and the fabric I'm using will be from some charm squares I bought at last year's Guild show.  There's no excuse for putting it off.  Also I'll do some stitches on Ryan's quilt.  I'm slowly nearing the end on that one.

Off to make dinner, scrambled eggs with bacon and toast--yummy.  Then Rob is coming over to replace a light fixture and the garbage disposal that both died this past week.  I hope nothing else decides to give up the ghost!

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a good yarn said...

A wonderfully newsy post! I love bacon and scrambled eggs, toast and tea. Food of the Gods! Chooky Blue's Christmas Swaps are the best - can't wait to see what you make and receive. I'd take autumn right now and I'm glad things are cooling after such a hot, humid summer. I bought a new glass fronted cupboard top display knick-knacks and store quilts; plus some old books. A vast improvement on the open-shelved bookcase. Oh the dust that thing collected! It's in the garage for now and may be repatriated in the future. Preparation and clean up are the worst parts of painting and we need to do some around here. You must feel quite pleased to cross so many jobs off your to-do list.