Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Catch up on the catching up!

I've been keeping busy, trying to finish up any number of fairly small things around here.

I've finished pulling weeds, well one never really finishes pulling weeds but for the moment, and getting things done up outside.  It's been cool here and enjoyable to work outside.

Then I cleaned the garage.  How does a two car garage-which by the way isn't big enough for my smallish truck-get SO messed up?  I mean there isn't even a man around! Just me, sigh.  Right now I still need to finish clearing the bench but one can safely walk through now!  I have things stored down there that I have packed to move plus empty totes and knocked down boxes to use for packing. Right now though I've taken everything out of the house I feel I can live without.

I cleaned the laundry room--boring.  Have the lights and racks set up for the plants that will come inside soon.  Moved the washer and dryer back to where I like them, they like to walk about for exercise.

I finished the mending on Brayden's quilt and one more block on Ryan's.

Most every day I've taken Quinn for a walk in the park.

Yesterday, I picked up Ceili (the trailer) so that I could take her to the dealership for repairs this morning.  I don't suppose I'll get her back for a couple of weeks anyway.  Oh, by the way, Ceili is pronounced Key-Lee and is the Irish word for a party!  My Ceili is a party animal although I usually forget to turn on the music!

I made it back to the Trails Museum to work at entering the collection to the archives!  Yeah!  I think I'm down to single digits in the number of boxes left to do.  I always think that and then I find many more diaries to be entered, sigh, today was no different.

Today was release day for Nalini Singh's new book Rock Redemption so after I got home from the museum and the pet store (You'll be happy to know Quinn will not starve-and no Ann she's not eating Kangaroo) I just sat down and read!  It was a great story and if you're looking for fiction you can not beat anything written by Nalini Singh!

Tomorrow, I'll hit the studio for a good clean up!  I've feeling much more productive these past two weeks.  I've been focusing on one thing at a time and that seems to be helping me not get overwhelmed.

Well, I seem to have written a tome-sorry about that!

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a good yarn said...

*Chuckle* no kangaroo for Quinn? Oh well, she'll survive. Those tidying up jobs seem to last forever. No sooner is one corner straightened then you start on another. So long as you feel you are making some inroads, or at least a dent, then I guess it's worthwhile. I'm tackling one cupboard, chest of drawers at a time. I love the name of your truck. They have ceilis in Scotland too although we pronounce it Kay-Lee. Some last for days and far too much alcohol is consumed! My dad is Scottish and remembers them from his childhood.