Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Zoo Day!

Ryan "riding" a polar bear.  They have animals placed throughout the zoo to climb on.
 This past Sunday I laid out my plans for the day.

Then I got a Text message from Scott- Did I want to go to the Zoo with Ryan and him?
Well, it only took about two seconds for me to type YES back to him.
I have a motto-people before projects!

The Kansas City Zoo is home to two polar bears, two species of Penguins, river otters and kangaroos!  It's a big place (200Acres) and has many more animals than those I listed (including a baby chimpanzee and a baby giraffe.)

We saw the otters first, the one that was out really wanted back inside! But came to check out the people quite close to the glass.  I love to watch them swim but this one was just hanging out, people watching.

We saw the polar bears next, only one was out but it was swimming and the enclosure is designed (as are the enclosures for the otters and penguins) so that you can look both above the water and below.  Ryan enjoyed looking at the bears.
Ryan used Granna's big camera to take this one!  We won't talk about the ones  he missed!
 Once he got accustomed to the place he was off and running (literally) a small hurricane that Scott and I could barely keep up with!

The Orangutans were quite busy as well.  The youngest climbing the poles higher and higher.  While Scott and I admired his skill I think we were both glad that Ryan couldn't use his feet to climb so high.

Next up was snakes.  Nuf said.

There is a narrow gauge train that takes a big loop around the upper part of the zoo.  I knew from bringing the other boys that we would need to ride THAT!  Under the tunnels, through the Australia exhibit and back to the beginning.

Then we were off to see the kangaroos!  You just walk through the enclosure for the kangaroos. They were too busy eating, lying about and jumping off to notice a small google-eyed boy!

I know the zoo fairly well and closing time was fast approaching so we avoided the monster play ground and headed back the way we'd come to ride the carousal-Ryan picked a kangaroo! His eyes were SO big going around, and a bit anxious that Daddy might have moved!

Then we were off and running to the Penguins! And the jelly fish - a Ryan favorite-and the"Dory" fish and the "Nemo" fish.  After making our way through that exhibit, at least twice it was time to call it a day.

Next visit maybe we'll head to the African plains.

Ryan and the Penguins play rock.
Starvation had set in and we were off to dinner followed by ice cream.

So glad I choose people over projects, look what I'd have missed!

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