Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Intentions review for April

It's horrible.
It takes me a LONG time to get back on track after I break.
(Maybe breaks are not that good?)
It's been cold.
Nothing like Spring here should be,
Anyway, whatever the reason 
the number of check marks on my tracking sheets is way down from March.
May seems to be starting out better.
I can only hope.

As far as stitching goes I managed to do four things from the list.
I have spent most of my stitching time working on Nora's stocking.
I did take one thing off the list (and one more off the gigantic list.)
I got out the book for the Civil War Letters,
intending to foundation piece them.
Had to read up on how to do that first.
I've had the fabric for forever.
Then I realized 
they are 6" blocks
some have 30-40 individual pieces.
No way do I want to do that!
So, the fabric was added to the drawers to be used, 
and the book returned to the cases.
The same is true of the Farmer's Wife quilt.
I sometimes think,
maybe someday.

The house is still a work in progress,
a friend heard that I was giving away my Town of Kansas Research
and wanted it
So as I clean my horridly messy office
I will box it up for him.

Basically, I'm kind of depressed at how little I managed to DO in April.

The stitching list for May:
Tanya's Black and Gold quilt. 
(Which will only get finished if I actually work on it!)
Civil War Sampler blocks
an old UFO
2 Granny blocks in pink
8 sheets of tumbler blocks in pink
A bag for my kindle
9 patches as leaders and enders
Begin Steve's Dragon
Table runner kit
Nora's sock
15's Missouri puzzle 

As for other stuff
Finish a deep clean/purge of the house
Wash the windows and blinds
Design and begin gardens.

Oh, and take Ceili out for a spin at a campground!

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Janice said...

I've just been catching up on your posts. Don't beat yourself up over the last couple of months. You have spent time with "people before projects" and that is a lovely positive. The projects will get done all in good time. Here's hoping your weather improves soon so you can enjoy your garden.