Sunday, April 2, 2017


I don't have room in this house for my big office desk-it's in the garage awaiting a sale-and my other desk is too small to work on.
So, I've been working on the big table.
Not good.
Big mess and I can never find anything.
Needed a better system.
After some online shopping I headed to IKEA.
I try not to go there very often-dangerous!
I bought a small drawer unit.
Three small drawers and one for hanging files.

It's from IKEA so that means

I've put together so many IKEA cabinets at this point that I don't find them difficult at all!

Finally, all together it fits between the wall and the sofa.
A bit taller that usual but actually seem the perfect height for my tea cup!

I haven't quite dealt with  all the stuff on the table but it's pretty close.

A good days project which will help create order!


a good yarn said...

Wow - impressive! Not many people I know can construct an Ikea flat pack in one go and with no missing/leftover pieces. A handy-dandy little cabinet for your papers.

Charlene S said...

Nice Cabinet! I am again impressed by your skills.

Chookyblue...... said...

Bookwork just goes on and on.... ..