Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Moving right along

For the first time in recent memory I've been making headway on "Lists."
I say I'm not going to make anymore because I never do the things on them and
also because I overbook myself!

Yesterday, after Ethan went home I put house numbers up on the post.
I now see that shadows from the tree make it so they aren't really visible, sigh.
Don't care.
Love the numbers themselves and they "float"!
I finished up all but two pots of flowers-might do those tomorrow.
Still can't set them in their summer homes as it is quite cool-although not freezing-at
night and so WINDY!
Windy enough that I haven't been walking-causes too much allergy problems.
I can't take my allergy meds as they dry out my eyes.
Had to make a trip to the eye doc last week due to pain in the left eye and the feeling that my vision was getting worse, not better.
All caused by super dry and irritated eyes.
She is going to "plug me up" next week.
Who knew that eyes had drains for excess tear production?
Mine must work REALLY well!
She also told me to go buy some readers-which I did and it is so much better not struggling to see well enough to read.
She tells me my eyes will continue to improve even though I'm using them but I might need them some of the time.

Today, I replaced the doorbell.
I can actually hear it now!  Ding-dong!
Bit of touch up paint needed there.
Organized the totes that go to the trailer, as well.
Attempted to change the keypad code on the garage door but that didn't go so well-will have to try again.  Except the keypad might not work!
Topped off the past days with laundry, housework and getting the "H" quilt top sewn together.

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Charlene S said...

I like the house numbers too. You are truly busy.