Saturday, June 11, 2016

Weather, Trips and other such nonsense!

There is an old saying here that "If you don't like the weather in Missouri wait a day it'll change!"  I think there are quite a few places that say that but I grew up here and heard it all the time.  It has certainly changed-seemingly over night.  We have gone from below normal temperatures to way above normal temperatures (like in the low to middle 90F with heat indices nearing 100F--HOT!)  Some of you might remember that I am not a big fan of hot weather, also Quinn is not a fan!  I spend a great deal of time opening a door for her to either go out or come in!  When she comes in she paws at the one floor register if the air isn't on-guess she thinks that will make it work!  We have also gone from day after day of rain-hoping it will stop long enough to mow the grass BEFORE you need to bale it as hay to I think I need to water the flowers.  Unfortunately for those of us who don't love the hot weather this is only the beginning, sigh.

But, Quinn and I are leaving for Montana on the 20th! (I hope.  Might be a couple of days later.)  Where it is cooler, much cooler.  At night you need a coat and three quilts-AH heaven!

Getting ready to load the trailer is messy.  Ceili is parked in underground caves and I don't have access to her unless I take her out.  I can't park her here at the house as city ordinances prevent parking her on the street unless she's hooked up and I really don't want to drag her around behind me for a week or so!  I decided that I would get everything sorted out that I am taking with me and put it into the garage.  That way I could clean the house so it will be ready to show.  I've taken nearly a week and it looks like a whole lot of stuff but Ceili holds a lot and some of it is stuff that once it's entered to the computer it will be tossed out.  I plan to be gone a long time so I have to think about things I want to do, especially in the evenings.

Yesterday, Brayden held his first "Drink and Think" Lemonade stand to raise money for brain cancer research.  The last I heard he had over $125 US!  At 10, he came up with this idea completely on his own.  None of us have any idea why he picked brain cancer but it's a good one!  Beth had to work so I helped him run it, in the heat.  About 3pm he stood up said "That's it, it's too hot out here we're closing up!"  So we did.  I am really proud of him!

Today, Kolby had a baseball game.  Machine pitch-which as Lucas says lasts about 3/4 of an hour too long!  He's 7.  He made an amazing play at first base-the ball was thrown way right and he just reached his bare right hand out and caught it!  No way he'd have gotten a glove on it.  It was one of those things you forever wish you had on video (or at least a photo) and could never capture!

No sewing going on but maybe later today.  Hot and humid takes it out of me and I don't like to sew when I'm tired.

New Suzie O'Connell coming for me to Beta read  maybe tonight or tomorrow-Can Not Wait!

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