Thursday, June 23, 2016

A Missouri Moment

I'm starting off in the morning for Montana.  Well, I left home on Tuesday but I went east instead of west!  I wanted to see Scott and Ryan-well Bri too but that's a long shot since she's running for office and is out knocking on doors etc.  Also, I need to have a shakedown cruise in Ceili!  Since she's stored in underground caves I have no access to her.  That's the only drawback, I don't have to put her away or winterize her-it's proved to be worth every penny it costs.  Back to the no access-I packed a number of boxes and totes ahead of time with things to put in the trailer!  It took a couple of weeks so by the time I was loading in I had no IDEA what I'd packed ( 14 towels I think-seriously.) Plus I just put stuff in, I don't necessarily put it where it will go!  I'm taking two non-stitching long term projects with me-the things I would normally call "Suffer for 15" projects!  Both of those are being entered onto the computer (ok external hard drives ) so the paper will be recycled where that's available and boxes will empty!  Ceili is stuffed!  The truck is stuffed.  I am stuffed.  Wait, I am not stuffed, I am a human!  After nearly three days I've organized everything (and will do it again in a week or so) and filled a tote with stuff I do not need-think some of those towels!  Tomorrow, I'll be going by the house to leave that and a few other things off and to pick up some things I either forgot or decided I wanted to have along. (Like my clock radio/Ipod.) I've fixed a couple of design flaws in Ceili as well and in general I'm happy with it.
After I do that I'm off for Lincoln, NE.  On Saturday, I'm headed for the International Quilt Study Museum!  Been wanting to do that one for a long while.

Speaking of quilts-we weren't speaking of quilts?  We are now!  Quinn and I went for a drive to take some photos and these were sighted!

 I love old barns anyway but the quilt block just added something special!
 The corn to the right of the barn-okay all around the barn is over six feet tall!  There are acres and acres of it here.  We drove through the tiny, historical town of Arrowrock.  I'll admit I was looking for a coke!  Didn't find one, sigh, settled for wine instead.  I turned down another country road to turn around and look what I found!

This barn was definitely in better shape though!

The land here is rolling hills.  Along with the 6 foot+ corn crops everywhere it's hard to get a good picture.  This is a place of tidy farms with lovely names like Rose Hill and Black Arrow Farm, contented cows, pastures which have had their first cut-big rolls of hay abound, the signs that wheat has been harvested and soybeans.  Very green.  I have to say though that if nature had it's way it would be a nearly impenetrable sea of trees and underbrush!
Sometimes right there inside a corn field is an old silo, no longer used but lovely to see! (More corn is
 all around!)

Last, but certainly not least are some roadside flowers!  First the Queen Anne's lace.  Considered a noxious weed by somebody who is somebody I have always loved it.  In fact I have some in my gardens at home.  That's corn in the background-I'm telling you there's corn everywhere!

 Lastly, are the lilies.  I don't know what they are called exactly, I call them cemetery lilies as you nearly always find them in old country cemeteries.  They have been moved around from old homesteads when roads are built and such and you see them everywhere.

I'm off now to learn how to link this post to Facebook!  Wish me luck!

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