Thursday, December 3, 2015


I've been stitching along on Kolby's stocking.  I thought on Monday I was going to have to start over!  Every time I put in stitches I spent about double that time looking for the mistake, sigh.  Finally, I pulled a lot of the stitches out and began from that point.  (Only because the one place I can get the fabric for them is closed on Monday! Or I would have gone on and started over.)  Everything is moving along much smoother now, thank goodness!

I've also made some of these:
Funs little candy sleighs!  Some have already gone home, shoot some have probably already been eaten!  They are cute, even though the runners (aka candy canes) don't really want to stay on or in place.  The instructions I followed, sort of, said to use a glue gun but then they weren't for eating so instead I used double stick tape.  That worked well for everything except the candy canes.  Oh well, I had fun and everyone is enjoying their Christmas candy!

I've also been dressing a little bear that I've had around here forever.  She will soon be taking a trip to the mountains.  No photos yet, maybe when she's been received.

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