Wednesday, December 28, 2011


What we have now is "un-time", the week between Christmas and New Year's.  Not part of either, not regular time.  I am taking the time to recover from the lead up to Christmas, always hectic no matter how I plan!  I do work under the banner of "Don't sweat the small stuff--It's all small stuff" but I still get pressured to have everything right and proper!  (It's the perfectionist in me, what can I say.)

I think I hit the mark with every gift I gave-which is truly amazing!  And, of course, the children spoiled me with lovely gifts!

My biggest gift was having a house full of my family (and 3 dogs) for Christmas dinner!  Rob, Tanya and I managed to find a way to seat 14 at one huge table, after removing all the sofas from the living room to the kitchen and putting 4 tables side by side-there was no living room left but it was so worth it to all be together!

Now, I'm tidying a bit each day, Quinn and I are taking walks in the park twice a day (gotta wear that girl out), and I am working a bit on some of my many projects!  In January I'll hit the cleaning etc but for this week I'll just enjoy "Un-time."

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a good yarn said...

The fuss and excitement to get ready for Christmas always outdoes the day itself! Glad the you and the family had such a nice day. That week between Christmas and New Year is my favourite too.