Saturday, December 31, 2011

Finishing up the "un-time"

So this week, as I was doing precious little except walk the dog, I got these blocks
 out of the "To Do" box.   I made Brayden a whole rag quilt of these blocks
 and had a ton of fabric left over-I bought more than I needed as the pattern was for a lap quilt and I wanted a twin size.  I finished it in 2009 and began making up the extra strips into blocks, then life got "interesting" and I put it away.  Anyway, it was time to get it out again.  Now I've pressed a thousand ;) strips and made 6 more blocks, I hope to make two or three a day until the fabric is gone then I'll see how big a quilt it will make-Kolby might like it or maybe it will stay here who knows.

I've been watching the Harry Potter movies this week as well while I stitched, cleaned and worked on a few other projects.  Monday, I shall have to begin the January DEEP CLEAN, sigh, which will cut into my stitching time considerably!


Andrea said...

Argh - leave the cleaning for another day and get sewing - lol ! Xxx

a good yarn said...

Oh wow! That's a stunning quilt! Great to see those leftovers being used up. I plan to start getting my scraps under control soon. Bought some more storage containers today. ann :-)