Sunday, April 23, 2017

Busy, I think!

It's been a week or so since my last post, I've been busy.

The 8th grade talks (1000 or so 8th graders-over 7 days most days 6 talks per day) ended week before last,  38 talks-I began having trouble remembering what I told each group!  I usually got home about 2, exhausted.  Too tired to even go up to the studio, much less sew.

Then, on the last day of talks, I was home resting-nearly voiceless-when Ethan's day care called and wanted me to come get him.  They have recently closed the unit in the same building as his special needs preschool and although they assured Beth and Lucas that the same workers would be there that was not the case.  Ethan couldn't adjust or they couldn't adjust to Ethan (that's my take on it.)  So, after two weeks of this pick him up he can't come back for x number of days Beth really wanted to keep him out of that space.  For the rest of April and May she will take him to preschool, I will pick him up and keep him until 2 or so.  She works from home but she has to have time without him there!  Some days I will keep him longer, depending on what they need and what I have going on.  I decided that I would go early to get him and get in a walk.  The preschool is inside a huge park and there are two walking/biking loops, I've been taking the one that's about 2 miles for now.  Really need to get this in and haven't been happy with the walks near the house.  Anyway, the two things combined take a chunk out of   the day!

The past couple of days I have been potting up the plants I bought last week, and fixing them to go in and out of the garage until the weather has settled.  It has been VERY windy!  Eventually, even the succulents will go out on the patio.

Four tomato plants, five pepper plants and some herbs. There are some flowers as well but they aren't ready for photos!

Of course it wouldn't be a project of mine without  a slight disaster!   Both planters of cilantro few out of the wagon and well, you can see.

After  cleaning up my mess I hauled the  big, heavy ladder out and painted the post on the front stoop.
Tomorrow, house numbers go up!

Then the ladder came inside to change lightbulbs, not quite finished with that.  It always happens that every bulb in the house burns out once you've move in!

I did manage some sewing!  The "H" quilt in progress, only two more rows to sew then sew the rows together for a top.  I'm having trouble finding more of the grunge fabric in colors that I like for borders-so will have to haul it about to quilt shops.


I also finished two of these machine mats.  This is mine the other is somewhere in Australia along with some other gifties.  It is apparently lost, sigh.  Which will teach me never to send international mail through UPS!  Terrible experience.  Forced the address into the US format who knows if we'll ever find it!  Tomorrow, I'll be off to the US Postal Service to begin tracing it-think it's a long shot at the moment.

Blogger is behaving badly so I"m off!


a good yarn said...

That's a lot of talks! Children don't manage change very well. They like routine and even more so when they are special needs kids. Sounds like the park will be nice to walk and bike in. I guess that's a case of *fell of the wagon* and you've potted up a garden full of plant there. Let's not lose faith just yet. That parcel might turn up after all.

Chookyblue...... said...

good to read your walking..........that is terrible when they cannot adjust to what they need to do to suit the child.......Esp when they were the ones to create the change.........I've been there done that difficult path with idiots who cannot make life easy for you........