Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Creative Happenings

My room from the Doorway

I decided that in the interest of my blogging every day- one of my intentions for 2017-
I needed a topic to talk about for each day of the week.
So Monday is for Musings, Messes and Memories
Tuesday is a Creative stuff update.
Wednesday is for Wanderings.
Thursday for History stuff.
Friday for finishes-man I hope there's one each Friday!
Saturday for catching up on what I'm reading,
And Sunday for an Intention Check up.
Of course, that's fluid.

My room from the closet door

Since the only creative thing I've been doing for the past month
is unpacking boxes and finding a home for things
-the unpacking is mostly finished, the homes are still being negotiated-
I'll show you the first floor of my new home.
You've already seen the second.

My room from the desk

First up is my bedroom, which is probably the least put together of any room!
Then comes the living area and kitchen.
From the top of the stairs
The second floor doesn't make up the ceiling in the living room and dining room.
Just a really high open space which I love-although I may feel differently once I have to air condition it!

Also from the top of the stairs

Living area into the dining area
The window showing here now has my prisms hanging in it and I'm happy to say on sunny days I have RAINBOWS!

Fireplace!  Gas logs.
I can lay on the couch on sunny afternoons and read while enjoying the sun like a cat!

Dining area and part of the kitchen.
I am no longer cut off from the haps in the other rooms like I was in the other house.

Love my great tall windows!

And the kitchen.
A bit small but mostly I only cook for one.
So that's it!
I'm pretty happy with it but it remains a work in progress.
Yesterday, the canned food traded places with the baking stuff!
I still can't walk through the garage but I'll get there.

Now, I just have to remember what "Normal" life is like!

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a good yarn said...

That seems like a really good layout. So nice to have a sun trap for reading (snoozing?). It seems to take ages to unpack from a house move. I don't fancy ever doing mine but I guess it will happen one day. That's a lovely quilt on your bed. Is the doll house a family heirloom?