Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Seeing a light in the boxes!

Man, I've been MIA from blogland!  Bad on me!

The staging area!

Mostly, I've been moving, sorting and unpacking more boxes.  Surprise!  On Sunday, the kids helped me by moving all the bankers boxes into the house.  I think there might have been 50-geesh, I have too much stuff.  All but 9 of those has either been emptied or moved to the proper room for emptying.  The pile for letting go of is growing, although not as fast at it should ;)  Today, I brought in the rest of the boxes from the garage-not true there are still some in there but they will be staying there for a while or they contain artwork which I am NOT ready for!  I can actually walk through now.

This is the end that held all the boxes!
This end still has a lot of odd things.

Monday, I had a full day running errands with two doctor's appointments, Quinn had fun at camp-lucky girl.  I have surgery scheduled for February to remove the cataracts from my eyes.  I'm going with the multi-focal replacement lens so at most I'll need light readers.  It will be a different world, seeing without glasses!

Tomorrow, I'm heading off to IKEA for a skinny bookcase to hold my cookbooks, will have to let go of some of them for sure.

There is a winter storm forecast for the weekend-ice, yuk.  I want to have everything I need for the weekend so I don't have to go out.  Purchased ice melt and tube sand for the truck today so I'm good. Maybe I'll get enough done to actually sew on something!  That would be nice.

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a good yarn said...

No surprise that you haven't had time to blog. It looks as though you are making headway and having a path through the garage is real progress. *chuckle*. The cataract surgery should make a huge difference. Take care in that bad weather. We are having another 43 degC day. Yay summer :-(