Sunday, June 5, 2016

The yard, sigh

I got home on  Sunday.  I mowed the lawn on Wednesday.  I need to mow again!  I spent most of yesterday weeding and deadheading the flower beds, as well as pulling some plants that had taken over but that didn't keep the weeds out!  If a plant takes over it should keep the weeds down!  I still have a bit to do, sigh.  Today, so far, I've trimmed the bushes in front and in the fence and taken out the old lilac bush.  As much as I love lilacs that one had been ailing since before we moved in, I nursed it along but this year it just looked horrid!  Turned out it was mostly rotten.  I still have to clean up the bush trimmings so I can mow this evening and weed whip.  I think today and tomorrow should wrap the yard up except for maintenance.  I will hunt up someone to mow for me while I'm gone this week.

Tomorrow, is full of Dr's appointments.  The last of the routine tests and a visit to the chiropractor.  Nothing major.  In between I'll do my usual Monday chores of laundry and sheets, as well as sweeping and dusting.

This coming week is all about getting the house ready for the market.  Mostly cleaning and some purging.  I also hope I can sew in the evenings-seems like forever since I've done that!  It's always like that in the summer.  Nothing I want to watch (er, listen to) on the telly while I stitch and I'm too lazy to choose a movie from my DVD collection!  I think I just want to stay outside longer while I can.  Soon it will be too hot to be out much-like the end of this coming week!  Then I'll be off to the mountains where at least the nights are cool!

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