Saturday, June 25, 2016

Iowa/Nebraska Moments

Yesterday, after I dropped off and picked up stuff from my house, I drove around Kansas City and then north. I stopped in Platte City for go juice.  Both the truck and I were in need of nourishment!  It was crazy there and had I known they were working on the roads near a MAJOR truck stop I might have gone on!  In more time than I expected - as usual - we were back on the road.  North of Kansas City the land becomes quite hilly until you get past St Joseph a ways when you dip down into the Missouri river valley and drive the flat.  You can see the hills off the highway a bit and the humidity hangs on them like mist.  It sounds pretty but really not so much.  Any who, soon enough I was in Iowa, it was a short trip.  I met I-80 at Council Bluffs and headed west through Omaha.  Which has become a MUCH bigger place than when I last visited!  I also picked up a side wind which is interesting enough with a trailer behind me but I also picked up grooved pavement.  I hate grooved pavement.  With every bump in the road I feel like either Ceili or I become a bit airborne and then slip sideways on the pavement.  It doesn't really happen, I hope, But that's what it feels like.  After all that I arrived in Lincoln to find myself a day early!  It seems I can't read a calendar!  The campground folks were lovely and found a spot for me-I'm grateful even if I only have 20 amp power!  Just enough to run the AC but not enough for anything else.  Didn't matter.  I took Quinn for a walk and while in the dog park received a call from the realtor, it seems there is an offer on my house!  After only 3 days on MLS!  Discussion followed and I turned down their offer and countered.  Message this morning said they had accepted my counter offer.  I'm going to read the email in a minute.  So on Monday, I will head back to pack up the house and deal with storage.

This is the strangest thing every.  Guess it means that this was the right time to sell it!

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OMG selling so quick.......great news..