Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Back in Independence

I got back to Independence last evening, exhausted.  This has been a rough trip.  Camping, even in a trailer with air conditioning, isn't always relaxing.  This trip was so HOT that Quinn and I were cooped up most of the time.  We did get in over 10,000 steps every day in our short walks around the campground!  Ceili is so small that Quinn and I are always changing places, I get to feeling guilty for making her move!  I'm sure she must just want me to take a nap so I'll stay in one place! If she were any bigger Ceili just would not work.  Actually I could come to hate camping, sigh.

Anyway, on Sunday I did go to the International Quilt Study Center & Museum in Lincoln.  The whole reason I went to Lincoln was to visit this place!  They had quilts hung in hallways and offices as well as exhibits.  The main one at the moment is on Chinese quilting.  Very interesting, involved a great deal of cut work appliqued on top of other pieces and stitched down with couching.  Sometimes woven pieces were included, sometimes embroidery.  All very intricate and lovely.  I bought a few goodies!  I recommend a visit there if you are nearby but use google maps to find the place so you don't wander about until you find it!  (Like I did before I finally got smart!)

Today, I will empty Ceili of the stuff I need for the next 30 days, inventory the stuff I leave in her, and return her to storage.  Also get trash service started up again.  Tomorrow, I'll arrange for storage and packing will begin.  It's going to take a good long while to purge and pack!  I still hope to have the energy each evening to stitch a bit!

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