Monday, May 2, 2016

Design Wall Monday-At Last

My design wall has been empty for weeks!
I was uncomfortable with the arrangement in the studio.
I had moved things around and it just wasn't working for me,
so I finally got my act together and moved things yet again!
It helped.
I'm at the point of quilting the rag blocks.
The ones on the wall are finished.
I have 14 more to go!
For this one, sigh.
Then I can sew them together, clip the edges and
Move this one to Kolby's house!
Then it will be on to Brayden's.
His will be like this except where the solid red is he will have
solid black, his choice.

All parents and grandchildren should be aware that I don't plan to do these again!
I don't like the fact that the flannel slips and slides!
I'll be happy to make quilts for you just not these.

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