Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Dismal! I'll Apologize in advance!

It has rained and rained here.
Then on Saturday it didn't rain but it was only in the low 50s (F) and windy
at the soccer fields.
We were all bundled up in winter coats and layers of clothes and blankets.
Sunday was dry until after Kolby's baseball game.
It has rained for most of the past two days.
It's dismal.
I know it's better than a drought, but. . .
I'm getting very depressed by all the wet.
Tomorrow is to be dry but Thursday more rain.
The grass will need at least two days before I can mow. 
It isn't going to happen.
I will need a hay baler!
Or perhaps an ark.
If it keeps up I will surely lose the two pin oaks that had
Oak Leaf Blister Fungus last year.
They are nearly dead now.
I haven't sewn anything for at least the past two weeks.
I need a mountain fix.

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Charlene S said...

It is raining here in Louisiana too. Only our rain is soft and warm with the sun shining the whole time. The ground cannot hold the amounts of rain we have had in the last 4 weeks. Ponds, ditches, and bayous are full to the banks and still it rains. We complain when it rains and we complain when it is dry! Hope you get into your sewing space for at least 25 minutes today if only to pet fabric and breathe the air.