Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Year goes out!

You all know the old saying that March comes in like a lamb and goes out like a lion.  Apparently 2015 knows it as well or wants to be remembered forever!  Before Christmas there were tornados in the south of the US-while I am technically a southerner I live at the far northern reaches so it's too cold for them here.  Although what with global climate change one never knows!-Beginning on the 25th/26th torrents of rain have fallen on Missouri, some folks got 7 or 8 inches.  (Not here, Ann, we just got maybe an inch of rain and a couple of inches of sleet and snow mixed.)  That said every river, pond, lake and reservoir is flooding.  The eastern part of the state is seeing the worst flooding since 1993.  All along the highway to Columbia I saw standing water, water covering roads and parking lots.  That was before the really big rains came.  Many people have lost their homes, businesses, autos, etc, in fact everything, some are still being retrieved from rooftops!  Interstate 44 is flooded so much in places that the overpasses are threatened with water as well.  The Mississippi will flood next as all this water drains into it so the disaster has not ended.  Now add to that the fact that winter cold (High temperatures in the 20F when the norm is 40F) arrived.  Things are horrid for these people!  I haven't heard the number of people affected but it has been declared a disaster area.  There is a John Denver song (may he rest in peace! I still miss him) called Falling Leaves that is about refugees (you can listen to it on Youtube just search for John Denver Falling leaves there are several) and one line is "They could be you and me." This really hit home with me (before the flooding) in light of the 51+million displaced persons in the world today.  That number has gotten just a little bit higher this week.  US Refugees will have government help re-starting their lives, folks here will race to lend a hand, the Red Cross is likely there already, Churches will send food etc, quilts will be made and delivered, etc.  One of the best things about us is that we lend a hand in such emergencies.  It would be lovely if the same concern would apply to the homeless, the poor and refugees the world over, and that lack would be one of the worst things about us.  I find myself afraid. Not something I'd admit to often I can tell you and something that does not stop me from living life as I choose.  What am I afraid of?  The biggest is the horrid split in this country, which may soon be bigger and deeper than the Grand Canyon.  My Country is broken-I don't think we can be fixed.  That is my greatest fear, That we will turn on one another completely for only by pulling together can we hope to face the challenges of the future.

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a good yarn said...

I'm watching the tornados and floods from afar and grateful that those I know and care about are safe and well so far. Here we are dealing with terrible bush fires and while I'm safe people have lost homes and livelihoods. Like the US, Aussies are pretty good at rallying to the aid of others and I marvel at those folks who find the strength to start all over again.

I'm reminded of my aunt, who during the 1950s was convinced that the world would be extinguished by a nuclear war. She was terrified of starting a family only to have it wiped out. Each generation must deal with the troubles of its time. Millions of lives were lost in both World Wars and millions more displaced. Modern media means we are more exposed to the plight of others.

I feel that the way of life that you and I have enjoyed is changing but that happens in every century. I'm dismayed at the lack of civility, the impatience, the rudeness, the lack of empathy encountered each day. The fact that too many people steadfastly believe that our laws do not apply to them and it's bad luck when they are caught.

I don't know what to make of the cult of celebrity; the exorbitant salaries paid to sportsmen; government seems to be less effective the larger it becomes and there is little or no choice when electing those who represent us.

Sydney just spent $7 million dollars on fireworks and I can't imagine what it costs to clear the 60,000 tonnes of rubbish left behind by the revellers; the cost to employ all those extra police and ambulance officers. Did we really need to spend that much?

Every generation faces challenges - some thrive and some fail. Face each day as it comes. You won't know what ten future holds until it becomes the present.