Monday, December 21, 2015


According to multiple sites accessed by Google tomorrow is the Solstice.  Winter for me, summer for my friend Ann who lives in Australia.  A lot of folks are say that it's today-who knows?  Anyway, every year after the holidays I swear I'm going to have a party for the Solstice,  because I think it would be different and fun and because the special events that make up the holidays are really thinning out by now-everyone wants to get it in early.  I never manage to pull it off though, actually I never even try to pull it off!  (I'm always afraid that no one will come and I have precious few people to invite, sigh.  It's remarkably difficult to make friends these days.)  Regardless, I'm always grateful I never got around to it as this week is always packed with baking to be done-I don't even begin until this week-packages to wrap, projects to finish, etc.  I do have all the packages wrapped, all those that needed to be shipped have flown away and been delivered.  The Christmas cards have likely made their way to their destination.  The cookies are done but the breads can't be made before Wednesday at the EARLIEST.  While baking cookies I tried to put all my Christmas cds onto iTunes and then onto my iPhone so I'd have a Christmas play list.  I did FINALLY manage but it was a process rife with difficulties.  About half way through I found myself wishing for a good old stereo with a multiple cd player that I could just set on shuffle.  Sometimes technology is not my friend!

 I am cross-stitching my little fingers to the bone trying to get Kolby's stocking finished before Friday, but I can see it won't happen.  I'll have all the x's in but the backstitching and assembly won't be finished, sigh.  I do plan to keep on with it and hope to at least be able to pack it away with the others for next year.  (Then I will have three more to do but I have to go buy fabric before I can start Nora's.)

This little cutie was finished and shipped off to one of my favorite authors, Suzie O'Connell, as my version of a "Northstar Angel" along with some other goodies.  Suzie writes the Northstar romances (Mountain Angel) and I beta read for her.  I also NAG her daily to write on her new book.  Mostly, that's just fun and encouragement but I call it nagging.  It arrived in Montana last week and she loved it!  It's always a bit hard to send something to someone you know only a little (although we did meet in person last summer), always wondering if they'll like it or hate it!  Luckily, she has a little daughter so I was pretty sure this would be a hit!

Along with all the holiday comings and goings I've been going to physical therapy for the shoulder three times a week and I'm all finished with that!!  I'll still do the exercises at home for quite some time yet as I can't reach behind me yet, and have been told that that will be a while in coming.  I'm just glad that the painful soreness has relented!

Today, I took my two big boy grandsons to the National Toy and Miniature Museum.  All I can say is Oh, My God.  That place is amazing!  An entire floor dedicated to fine art miniatures in various sizes.  I was just blown away.  I'm still standing amazed at the blown and cut glass vases, glasses, bowls and such some done in the 1:48 (that's 1"to 48") scale and even the 1:12 (normal dollhouses) had some pieces so tiny you'd have to use tweezers to move them. One artist was quoted as saying it was "like trying to hold a gnat while you clipped its wings."  Brayden was really into them, Kolby not so much.  They did like the second floor, which was toys through the years.  The pedal cars especially.  I found it interesting that toys my children had were to be found in several cases.  All Steve's Star Wars toys from the first time around and the big wheel they all had to ride on!  Then there was my Betsy Wetsy and other dolls that I had.  I'll be going back as we ran out of "Good" before we ran out of museum!

Enough rambling, sleep calls and I have to make the bed first!

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a good yarn said...

Our Solstice was a bit of a fizzer. After a weekend of vey high heat 38 & 40 deg days, the weekdays have been cool and wet. Went into the city yesterday to see that Christmas decorations. Queen Victoria Building was spectacular - a magnificent floor to ceiling tree (3 stories) covered in twinkling lights and Swarovski crystals. All the beautiful wrought iron lace railings on each floor were covered in decorated boughs. With the stain glass cupola it was a sight to behold. Unlike the windows of department store David Jones - not a Christmas theme in sight. It was woeful and disappointing. Even the store was sparsely decorated, ground floor only and the choir were relegated to the sixth floor. Ours is a quiet Christmas this year; at least it was cool enough today to bake fruit mince pies (my favourite). We are all adults now so forgo presents and just enjoy spending time together. The young ones have such busy lives these days that we don't see them all that often. Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs for breakfast Christmas Day ( I'll have corn cakes); the Queen's Christmas Message and our favourite carols. A time to reflect on all that have and how grateful we are to have a roof over our heads, food on our table and a steady employment. The shops here are allowed to open on Boxing Day and no doubt thousands will flock to snag a bargain, fighting each other for another handbag or bottle of perfume.

Wishing you and your family a peaceful Christmas and bright New Year.