Friday, November 27, 2015

Finished, finally!

I finally finished Ryan's little I-Spyish quilt!  I started it a year ago, decided I'd hand quilt it.  Got a ways on it when Ryan was born a premie with esophageal atresia (long gap in his esophagus).  Then since he wouldn't be home until summer it got put on the back, back burner.  After shoulder surgery I could do hand work but was a bit leery of the push-pull of machine work so I finished it up!
Here's a collage of the blocks:
I'll be taking it to him tomorrow, weather permitting, hope he likes it!

I'll have to say that my quilting did get better (although no one should ever look at the back of this quilt) but not faster, sigh.  
I've decided to make Sundays for handwork only.  Hand Quilting, hand piecing, cross stitch etc as I want to keep my progress with hand quilting moving along (I have a BIG quilt that will need hand quilting at some point.)   Today, I'm going to pin the borders on my Missouri Puzzle quilt for hand quilting.  Everything is cut and ready to go I just need to make the sandwich and stitch.  I also have a few blocks on the Civil War Sampler that need hand piecing-as all the rest is hand pieced and four more Christmas stockings to cross-stitch.  (Kolby's will be done by Christmas, I hope, leaving three more (Nora, Ethan, and Ryan.)

Now that the house is mostly ready for the market and for Christmas I have a LOT more time for stitching and other crafts and I think naming a day for slow stitching will be really helpful.

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a good yarn said...

That looks terrific! Love the checkerboard surrounds. I think it will be a much loved quilt. Your Christmas mantel with all those fab stockings, decorations and tree are a delight to see. I've managed to put up a small tree in my bedroom - just a tabletop one and nothing fancy, but the 9 footer was beyond us this year. Might buy a pre lit 7 footer next year.