Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Finished Project

Surgery on Friday went well and I am back at typing with both hands! Yeah!  I guess I'm an oddity (everyone who knows me well already knows this!) but there has been little to no pain.  The Doctors and nurses were adamant that I take the Percocet pain pills before the block wore off so I wouldn't chase pain so I took a few but really they didn't do much but make me sleep-not a good sleep either-I was, and am, sore and mobility it limited- although improving- but I am not in pain.  Pain was the Bakers cyst removal, pain was what I had this time when I twisted my arm, Pain puts you on the floor crying, sore just says "Oh, don't do that-ouch."

I wanted to show you my finished cabinet in the kitchen.  This space has undergone several attempts at use, three in the past few years who knows how many before that.  This is the latest-and I hope last!
I've already filled the drawers with kitchen supplies, some are not even full thanks to my purging efforts of the past couple of years.  The top is an IKEA table top, it's still to be attached firmly but I'm thinking I'll leave that for the next owners as they might have a different sized refrigerator.  The large overhang on one end helps to keep me from kicking Quinn's food and water dishes and creating a puddle to clean up!

I've been stitching some, hand work only.  I've finished my main gift for Chooyblues Secret Santa Christmas Swap and will finish the ornament for that today.  Probably get them wrapped up as well, it goes in the mail on the 23rd.  While not perfect, sigh, I am pleased with the gift and only hope the recipient likes it as well.  After that I will work on Ryan's quilt.  I hope to finish that this week as well but that will depend on whether I can use the machine to stitch down the binding.  I have a bear I want to dress as a dragon-I have crazy ideas, sometimes I can actually make them work!

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Chookyblue...... said...

glad you are pain free.........
and good news your SSCS is done......