Monday, December 19, 2011

One thing off my "To Do" list!

Just finished sewing on the last of 26 buttons last night,  the black on black is murder on the eyes!  I only hope it fits and looks better on him than it does hanging on the hanger! (And that the over-robe, has a special name but I can't remember it, covers a multitude of sins.)  I'll give it a good press and it's off to be mailed so he can wear it on Christmas Eve.  The sewing was not difficult (except for the black on black thing) but there were SO many adjustments to the pattern it's hard to know if it is proper or even, most importantly, that it's long enough.  Will hope for word that he is totally delighted in it-please the gods.

It's been a long time since I updated the cross-stitch project-like August 8th-due to the kitchen thing, I'm getting back into it now. So, last update.
And now:
Hope to do more tonight.

I discovered yesterday that my greeting card list has grown quite a bit larger (I have no idea how as it has shrunk for YEARS) and I neglected to buy enough cards, sigh.  So today I'm off to buy more, pick up the photos for them and some other errands.  After the DRYER REPAIRMAN comes!  I guess I belly ached enough that they got tired of hearing from me!  Hopefully, this fixes it for a while-trips to the laundromat are real downers, especially in the rain.

The weather finally cleared out last week and it has been warm although today it is raining again.  I like cold weather but I'm grateful for the bit warmer as I have a puppy to take outside!  I may not be as grateful next summer if it doesn't get cold enough to kill off some of the bugs!

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a good yarn said...

You're a braver sewer than I Gunga Din! Black on black is not my favourite sewing especially with my tired old eyes! Nice to see your cross stitch progress. Such a charming pattern. Delighetd to hear about the dryer - squeaky wheel and all that. ann :-)