Tuesday, December 6, 2011

First Snow!

Woke up to the first snow of the season!  Just a skiff but still the roads were white, I say were because it is mostly gone already, sigh.  It was Quinn's first snow as well, she sniffed, tasted, and dug a bit occasionally lifting a paw like it was cold-can't really tell it she liked it our not, expect that she will especially once her outer coat comes in!

I've been sewing and cross-stitching as well as some reading.  Today I went to the Historical society where I volunteer (David always makes me type! Really I've been inputing the accession records into a spread sheet for quite some time.  No one else is willing and I guess I type faster than most, and I am NOT fast. ) See a lot about the holdings this way and today they made me think of my friend Kathy Tuohey who passed away in September.  Something I saw made me think "Kathy would be able to tell us all about that" and made me miss her.

After "work" I headed for Kolby's  daycare and his Christmas program.  He's normally a little ham but froze on stage-at least he didn't cross his little arms on his chest and turn his back on the audience like he did last year.  After we all went out for BBQ--good times, such good times!

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