Saturday, December 3, 2011

Filling in after finishing the kitchen.

Since I finished the remodel of the kitchen I have been struggling to figure out what to do with myself!  Finally, I told myself I couldn't go into the office/sewing room and sit down at my computer without doing something else in there!  (It's to easy to fritter away and afternoon playing on the laptop!)  It seems to be working so far, as a few things are being done.  I finished a stocking cap to compliment the scarf I bought in Ireland, it isn't perfect but it keeps my ears warm!  (I tried to take a photo but the batteries are dead-charging now.)

Occasionally, someone asks me to make something for them.  This is one of those projects.
A choir robe for Steven.  (The one whose is 6'10" tall)  Last spring when he was here I took measurements, there was no way the pattern would fit as it was so I cut and added both length and width.  Then I made a mock up and sent it to him.  While I was there in October I checked the fit and length and once home I reworked the pattern yet again.  Through the magic of my Iphone I finally figured out and bought the black bottomweight fabric  and today I cut out everything except the lining.  Tomorrow I will cut that out and mark everything.  Taking this one in small steps and praying it fits and looks decent when I finish!

I'm also working on Christmas gift bags (very big) that I've been pecking at for over a year-trying to machine quilt at least one each day.  I've tried my hand at some more knitting-can't say that is going well, think I've forgotten more than I ever knew!  Still working on Bri's stocking-I'll try to post an update this week.  When I finish this I'm going to sew Tanya's stocking together and get it ready to hang with all the rest.

Cute Puppy photos--required at the moment!  Shetland Sheep dogs are known for a couple of thing:  Being "helpful" and being "vocal"  the last just meaning that they bark, hello, dogs, they bark! I thought I put in some photos of Quinn being helpful:
Making sure I load the dishwasher properly-she'd be happy to pre-wash the dishes but NO.

Your tape measure will not run away!

Just looking for those pesky acorns!
Having a puppy in the house is such fun!  We all laugh several times a day!  She is so different from Charley and Kelsey, she stands up to the cats (even when Mica hisses) and just loves everyone!  I think Scott nailed it when he said Charley and Kelsey were always nervous-she is not!

Now if I could only find my desk and work tables!


a good yarn said...

It's so good to have a puppy help with the chores and Quinn seems to fit the bill nicely. ann :-)

Karen said...

Sweet puppy! And, such a good helper.