Saturday, July 7, 2018

Friday Night With Friends plus!

I joined up with Cheryll for Friday Night With Friends.
Only I started on Wednesday!
And I'll go on until Monday.
While the heat has broken-a bit- for a couple of days, 
I spend my time in the studio (aka basement)
where it is much cooler than the upstairs even with air conditioning.

I spent enough hours on Nora's stocking that I finished
 all the known cross stitches to be filled in.
I'm sure I'll find some are missing as I backstitch,
I always do.
The back stitching brings the entire piece alive,
adding details and definition.

I also stitched the first two rows of this little quilt together.
I dug the 4 patch blocks out of a box 
where they'd been lingering for 6 or 7 years.
Leftovers from a couple of quilts I made for Nora earlier.
I fiddled with placement on the design wall for a couple of days
and ended with this.
I might just have the blocks together by tomorrow night.
I think this will be a donation quilt.
Pink is quite prevalent and I'm seriously short of girls!

I've also spent at least and hour each day on this.
It is now halfway quilted.
Perhaps I'll finish this quilt this month?
I think it's doable.

Now, I'll just be off to hibernate some more!


Maria said...

Sounds like a good plan to keep cooler.
Gorgeous stocking and the little quilt is going together well.
You go girl with your quilting and I'm sure it will be done soon.

Janice said...

You've certainly been busy. So much work in the stocking. It is lovely.Try to stay cool.

Cheryll said...

Your cross stitch is gOrgeOus. Thanks for joining in FNWF too...xox

Lin said...

Nice work on your stocking and great to make use of your orphan blocks. Keep up the good work with your quilting. xx

kiwikid said...

The stocking looks beautiful, as does the little quilt. Hope the quilting is going well.

Anonymous said...

Such a cute stocking and the quilt looks fabulous!