Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sewing Room Redo, Again...

I'm sitting in the total disaster of my sewing room nursing a goose egg on my left arm but at least today I can get to my laptop! Not to mention the cable to charge my Iphone.

Most of you know that my sewing room/office has been an on-going issue for me.  Last week when I searched for an hour for my scissors I declared that I would do SOMETHING to make it useable.  I thought and thought -finally came up with a solution (please the Gods).  Monday evening, having given up on TV for the night I thought I'd get started and move the bookcases.  Bad idea, very bad idea.  I unloaded one and began moving it when it collapsed!  Fortunately not on me.  Rethought the idea and decided to simply add two more bookcases (plus a new one for the one that collapsed) and lots of plastic storage boxes!

Last night I put together two of the new cases (would have done all three but the Independence Target only had two) and today I began ordering them.  Sorting through boxes as I went.  Still need to go back and toss any craft paint that has dried up, will most likely gain a box there.  I needed to get to the shelves behind the cutting table which was piled totally high.  The table sits on upside down paint cans (the ones Larry made to hold the dining canopy by filling them mostly with cement!).  Here's where I made my mistake.  Rather than take the table down I tried to get beneath and move it by moving the cans along the floor.  Don't know what happened but suddenly the table was landing on my arm!  It hurts-a lot -still, even after ice.  It was a stupid thing to do!

Tonight I went to the Lee's Summit Target and got the third bookcase brought it home and put it together so tomorrow I should make more headway, if I can move.

Now I'm going to go ice my arm, again.


a good yarn said...

Heavens above Gail! That really is putting your body on the line for your craft. I am sorry that you have hurt yourself and hope your arm feels better soon - you're going to have a nice big multi-coloured bruise. Take care! ann :-)

Andrea said...

Naughty girl :-( although I usually do mad things like that - normally because I can't wait for some- one to help me and I try and do it myself. I am always getting told off for it - lol. Take care - if I lived closer I'd nip round and get stuck in with you xxx