Monday, November 6, 2017

Fabric Expeditions

This is the current state of Brayden's Trip around the world.
I was so thrilled last week to find the piece of fabric I knew I was seriously short of!
Then when I finished Part 3 and began laying out Part 4 I realized I had three other colors I wasn't going to have enough of! URGH!
(I have to say that using up my stash requires the purchasing of so much more fabric!)
I headed east to a quilt shop about 30 minutes east of here as I knew they carried
Stonehenge fabrics.
No luck.
I did buy some green for another project and some dark that I could  use if I had to.

On the way home I stopped of at Cockrell Mercantile.
I had read about the shops in that "I'll have to go there one day, it's close" sort of way.
Anyway, I decided that the time had come!
Such a fun place.
Much kitchen stuff.
A whole shop of fiesta ware! (Bri you should check it out!)
While there I happened across this fellow!

Adding him to my Santa Collection-he's rather unique.

After wandering about 4 cottages FILLED with lovely things I headed home.
MY mind was occupied with what I was going to do about the quilt.
Then I remembered!
I had cut the selvages off and kept them. 
I'm not planning any projects out of them but I've needed some in the past and had to cut them off stash pieces!
I wondered if the selvages had the numbers for the design on them.
After the usual- Hey Quinn I'm home!
I headed to the studio to look.
I found two of them.
Googled Stonehenge Gradients Bright and one of the numbers and 
found a shop called
1000's of bolts and 1 Nut!
They had ALL 3 fabrics I needed!
They've been shipped so I'll soon be ready to work on that one again!

In the meantime, I'm cutting Ethan's (guess what I need more red fabric!), quilting Kolby's and working on Secrets

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a good yarn said...

I've seen the add for 1000 bolts in the back of the AP&Q magazines. So good that they had the fabric you needed. TOTW is looking good. Those shops sound like a treasure trove (your Santa is such a sweetie). I've purchased a 7ft prelit tree this year as the 9ft is just too much for me these days. I'm going with a tartan theme (a nod to my dear old Dad who was born in Scotland).