Thursday, March 9, 2017

Not much of anything.

The past couple of weeks have been slow.

I had the catacts removed from my right eye Feb 20th.  They are doing quite well. Last week was pretty much a wash though.  Distance vision is getting really good, middle and close are better but it's not there yet.  Had a bit of a pity party yesterday over the vision-I mean really "it should be all good now its' been FOREVER."  Then I looked at the calendar and realized it had only been 2 weeks, sigh. All the literature they gave me said it would be months before my eyesight had stabilized so no more pity parties!

I made a chicken curry on Sunday which was quite good but needed a bit to go along so on Monday I made Naan (also quite good.) In all likelihood, neither of those dishes resembles anything actually eaten in India but I liked them.

White bread
Then because I was out of bread and didn't want to go to the store I made a new white bread recipe.  It's tasty but I didn't like the stiffness of the dough and it didn't rise well.  Won't be making that one again.

Monday night we were visited by storms.  A long line of thunderstorms with enough punch to spin out 14 tornados!  The biggest an EF3 in Grain Valley.  My little town of Greenwood was in the warning for one so Quinn and I spent about an hour in the basement laundry room.  A tiny little space for the washer and dryer but surrounded on all sides by cement, just the door.  We didn't lose power, had only small hailstones and didn't get that much rain.  The storm was traveling at highway speeds  so it only took a little while for the whole thing to pass over.  Exciting!  But it blew in this gorgeous blue sky the next day!
After the storms
It also blew the grand boys to my house as their school district was closed for the day due to power outages from the storm.  We went to IHOP for International Pancake Day!  Then we played a new to us game Ticket to Ride-well we think we have it figured out now,  we'll play it again next time they are over.

I've worked a bit on Ethan's quilt but am adding a border of four patches using the conversation prints as it just didn't seem quite finished with only the color block  border.

I haven't had much interest in anything lately.  Hope that changes soon!


a good yarn said...

The vision really does take months I'm afraid so give yourself time. Naan bread looks tasty and it doesn't matter if your curry wasn't *authentic* so long as you enjoyed it. Glad you were spared the worst off the storms as what they show here on tv is devastating. Luck grandkids to miss school for pancakes. I've not had a lot off success with bread recipes but perhaps it toasts okay (do you eat much toast) or bread and butter pudding.

Chookyblue...... said...

I'm a long way behind.....glad the eyes are done and hope they settle down really soon for you......
Safe from the storms thankgoodness........