Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Boxes, more boxes

I finally got enough put away in the kitchen to cook dinner!  Meatloaf and mashed potatoes!  I love meatloaf, it's not cool I know but I really do.  Plus, it's so much better than cereal!

Still have things missing from the kitchen and until I find them I can't finish in there.

Spent some time moving boxes etc to get the trash bin out as tomorrow's trash day.  It will stay outside for a while or maybe always.

Found the box with my quilts in it-also the sheets etc for the guest room!

Moved more boxes to find as many "Studio" ones as I could.  Slepped some of them up to the studio. Even put some things away after dusting them off.  So progress, I guess.  There are several more to go up tomorrow.

Tonight it's supposed to snow!  Depending on the station the forecast is 1-4 inches.  Usually, the heavier stuff stays north of the river but you never know.

Tomorrow, its more of the same.  Have to get more done as the family is coming for Tanya's birthday dinner on Sunday!  Think I'll have the boys carry in book boxes!

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a good yarn said...

I like meatloaf. So does my dad. Would you be prepared to share your recipe? How good to get your kitchen unpacked? Sounds like the Studio will be a bigger job. Hope you get enough snow to be pretty but not too much to cause trouble.