Saturday, December 17, 2016

Winter Arrived!

Winter arrived late yesterday in the form of freezing drizzle.
Today it is snowing.
Tomorrow is to have severe cold.
The plan for this weekend was to move my "stuff" from storage into the new house.
Needless to say even if we'd closed on Friday as scheduled we wouldn't be moving today!
We are closing on Tuesday!
All the documents necessary are in so that's pretty much set in stone.
I'll move boxes and totes-the things that will fit in my truck-but I'm not setting up the movers until after Christmas.
 I wouldn't enjoy Christmas if I was worried about unpacking boxes and where to put things!

The California boy ended up in St Louis last night as his flight into KC was canceled.  He's hoping to make Columbia, at least today but that depends on road conditions.
We are celebrating part of Christmas tomorrow so I'm hopeful that the boys will get here and that Bri and Ryan aren't stuck in Boston!

I gave myself a Christmas present yesterday.
Four new tires!  Isn't that exciting? NOT!
I knew I needed to buy tires but I hadn't planned on it yesterday, 
UNTIL I had a blowout and shredded rear tire.
Roadside assistance to the rescue.
Then Tanya's friends at Sears who had the tires and worked me in so that I could still make the movies at 4:30.

Rouge One was great and we saw it as a clan.
(Ethan has been renamed Rouge One for his 5 year old enthusiasm  for running loose!)
  Yet another bit of the Star Wars story!
I've been in love with those movies since what is now know as Episode 4 came out close to 40 years ago.


a good yarn said...

While I'd love to have at least one white Christmas, you forget that the snow can cause a fair bit of inconvenience. Four new tyres - probably not your first pick for Christmas but needed, especially in those conditions. I'm hoping to see the new Star Wars film after Christmas, although I find the movies very loud these days.What terrific news about your house settlement.

Chookyblue...... said...

Goodluck moving in....... Hope the weather eases and the family can get to you.......