Saturday, December 31, 2016

Saturday-State of the Garage Take One

This was the state of the garage before the movers came on Thursday.

The red totes are the only thing currently stored where they will always go!
Those are my Christmas Decorations all 11 boxes of them as well as three trees and the light bag. 
I have a few new ones from the summer to add as well.

After the movers.
This is how it looked tonight.

There have been some boxes moved into the house and some things moved around a bit.
As always, there is just something I NEED to have before I can do anything else.
In this case I need some tools to cut off the countertop so that the refrigerator fits in it's hole.
As bad as this looks the rest of the house looks worse.
I do have most of the main pieces of furniture set in place.
Rob and Tanya came down for a bit and helped me set some things in place-it is very hard to
move furniture on the carpeting.
Reminds me of why I love hardwood floors!
For the first time since the end of July at least 99% of my possessions are in one place!
At one time things where spread out in 5 different places!
There is hope that I will be able to find more things tomorrow-like the dishes and that one pesky tool!
I did find the wine flutes or I'd be drinking my champagne out of the bottle!
Not thinking I'll make it to midnight for a champagne toast but I did find the flutes so I will salute my first night in my new home on the first night of a new year!

Here's to 2017.
Hope it brings health and happiness to each and every one of you!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Busy, Busy at the moment!

Christmas has come and gone yet again!  Mine was spent at my youngest son's in Columbia as the oldest son and his family had come to meet Ryan.  Also because I did not have a PLACE to celebrate and My darling daughter and her family are off on a cruise as well as vacation time in Florida.  Hope they're having a great time!  Anyway, we had a great time.  Ryan's birthday is on Christmas, he turned two!  Our little miracle. This year I did a combined gift as he's too little to care so a small trampoline was bought for him.  It was amazing how quickly he picked up what he was to do.  He's a VERY active little boy!  His 7 year old cousin,   Nora enjoyed the trampoline as well-she is a very active little girl!

I opened my Secret Santa gift from Maria at!  All they way from Australia, I always get excited about things that come from Australia!  I don't think you can tell but each of the white squares has a bit of lace in it and it is so pretty!  I LOVE IT!  Thank you Maria.  The chocolate koalas are no longer in the package but in my tummy!

Came home yesterday as the children were headed in different directions-Scott and family to Boston, MA, Steve and family to Washington DC.  Today, I moved yet more boxes from storage to the garage at the new house.  Tomorrow the refrigerator, washer and dryer will be delivered! A couple of loads from storage and I should be pretty well set for the movers on Thursday.  I plan to spend my first night in the new house on New Year's Eve.  Ah, to have everything in one place again will be so delightful!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

My New Home

It's moving time!
The paperwork has all been signed-boy was there a LOT of it!
I have keys 
and garage door openers!
Now come the fun part
I'm busy moving boxes and odd things from storage 
trying to find my suitcases.
Most boxes are staying in the garage for the moment.
I have committed to reducing all the "stuff" I own by one-half over the next year.
Plus I'm not really sure where things will go so sorting a few boxes each day
while taking longer will be better
I think.
When I get more settled I'll post photos of the inside.
At the moment it's an empty space!

No Christmas tree this year-really must buy a MUCH taller one-or any other decorations.
That makes me sad.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Winter Arrived!

Winter arrived late yesterday in the form of freezing drizzle.
Today it is snowing.
Tomorrow is to have severe cold.
The plan for this weekend was to move my "stuff" from storage into the new house.
Needless to say even if we'd closed on Friday as scheduled we wouldn't be moving today!
We are closing on Tuesday!
All the documents necessary are in so that's pretty much set in stone.
I'll move boxes and totes-the things that will fit in my truck-but I'm not setting up the movers until after Christmas.
 I wouldn't enjoy Christmas if I was worried about unpacking boxes and where to put things!

The California boy ended up in St Louis last night as his flight into KC was canceled.  He's hoping to make Columbia, at least today but that depends on road conditions.
We are celebrating part of Christmas tomorrow so I'm hopeful that the boys will get here and that Bri and Ryan aren't stuck in Boston!

I gave myself a Christmas present yesterday.
Four new tires!  Isn't that exciting? NOT!
I knew I needed to buy tires but I hadn't planned on it yesterday, 
UNTIL I had a blowout and shredded rear tire.
Roadside assistance to the rescue.
Then Tanya's friends at Sears who had the tires and worked me in so that I could still make the movies at 4:30.

Rouge One was great and we saw it as a clan.
(Ethan has been renamed Rouge One for his 5 year old enthusiasm  for running loose!)
  Yet another bit of the Star Wars story!
I've been in love with those movies since what is now know as Episode 4 came out close to 40 years ago.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

This and That!

Smithville Lake

Catch up time again!
Quinn and I took a short jaunt up to Smithville Lake, north of Kansas City on Monday.
It was warm enough that I didn't need a heavy jacket-not true today-and somewhat sunny.
I hoped we see some eagles as they are reported to have several that overwinter there but NO!
Did see some very large red-tailed hawks sitting in trees.
Picked up some literature on the predator birds found in Missouri.
Hopefully, I'll be better able to identify them in the future!

I had a Doctor's appointment on Tuesday.
Just a recheck on my asthma.
It's all good.
Plus I got my flu shot and the last pneumonia shot I needed, both arms are a bit sore.
Then I did laundry while Quinn was still playing at Zoe's house.

Also on Tuesday, I received the expected news that we would not close on Friday the 16th.
No new closing date has been set as we are waiting on the VA appraisal.
I was bummed.
Had to cancel the Uhaul, extend my hotel stay another week etc.
That might be for the best as Saturday, when I planned to move, is to be extremely cold.
When I do move now I will have to hire it done, or at least the big stuff, as three of my boys have travel plans and the fourth has to work during the week.
Needless to say I am not holding my breath for closing soon-it's a day to day wait.
On the 21st I'm going to leave the hotel for my daughter's house.
They are going on a vacation in Florida and a cruise so I will house sit and pay attention to the cats!

Yesterday,  I mailed the Christmas cards out!  Before the 15th!
It's surprising how much I put that off even having so much time on my hands.
Then Quinn and I looked at appliances for the house and bought wrapping paper.
Next,  we went to the big greenhouse and looked at all the flowers!
Flowers always make a day brighter and they are dog friendly so we got to walk around inside!
Lest you think I took advantage of them-I came home with a few potted plants.

Some stitching has been done and some knitting as well while binge watching TV.
I keep the TV on nearly all the time here to help Quinn deal with all the sounds.
They have some channels I don't usually have (Air TV at home) so I've finally seen Chip and Jo!
Chip definitely reminds me of some Baylor boys I once knew!

Sunday, December 11, 2016


I took the final stitches in "A Stitch in Nine!" Yesterday afternoon.

Now I'm doing a bit of knitting.
Tomorrow, after errands, I will work on the two red and black flannel quilts for Brayden and Kolby.
If I stay in a hotel long enough I might finish them as well.
It's sew or go crazy!

Last night the family went to the Arboretum's Luminary walk.  
Lovely time.
Long walk through candlelit woods,.
Miniature fairy and gnome homes
Lighted trees,
Model trains 
and really good hot apple cider and cocoa!
Great fun.
Until we got cold.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Santa's Sleigh has arrived!

Santa dropped off this parcel for me all the way from Maria Goodwin in Queensland, Australia!
The Ornament I could open up today but the rest must wait for Christmas!

Can Not Wait!

Quinn and I have been bored.
It finally got cold, single digits!
It even snowed, a little.
Between the two we stayed home from our planned wander for the week.
We were sad.
The most excitement we've had is that I lost the TV remote.
I've turned the room upside down twice.
Still can't be found, sigh.

I am so ready to get moved!
The hotel is bigger than the trailer but still not home.
Still hoping to close on the 16th but that might be iffy,
waiting on the appraisal which has to be in by Monday for closing on Friday.
I've spoken to the UNIVERSE.