Monday, July 25, 2016

The wait is over!

Tomorrow, 9 am, the moving truck comes to load up my stuff (oh man, I have too much stuff!) and take it to storage.  We'll be done by 1-I think earlier.  Then I'll need to sweep and deal with the trash as well as load the truck.  I have a huge pile of stuff for Ceili and the truck-I doubt seriously that it will all fit but I won't know until I have Ceili and get to work setting her up.  Tomorrow night I'll be lucky to get the bed made before I crash!

Wednesday, I'll sigh the papers and I will be officially free of this house!

Quinn and I will set out for Montana on Sunday!  We are really looking forward to it.  It has been ungodly HOT and HUMID here!  The kind of days where leaving the air conditioning means breathing water and being sweaty instantly and without doing a thing!

I hope to begin daily posts and link them to Facebook.  So Sunday's will be a Missouri Moment.

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