Saturday, July 2, 2016

Moving right along...

footloose and fancy free-NOT.

I'm sorting, purging and packing!  Kind of overwhelmed truthfully.  Eventually, it will all be finished.

Tomorrow the appraiser comes to see if the house is really worth the price I'm getting!  Then on the 8th, the buyers inspector comes.  There's an FHA inspector yet to be scheduled.  Closing is supposed to be by the 27th and I have to be moved out by then.  I need to find storage and schedule "Three men and a truck" to move my stuff.  Meanwhile, the garage is a disaster as that's where I'm putting stuff and the studio is nearly empty,  perhaps I'll get to some stitching, perhaps not.  One thing I know-I'm buying a Bernina sewing machine when this is over!

When I left for Montana, believing that I would be gone until October (never dreaming the house would sell in 3 days) I shut off and returned the electronics for my high-speed internet. Why pay for it when I wouldn't be here and don't plan to return to this house?  Now I am using my iPhone as a personal hot spot as I am unwilling to go through the mess of getting it back for a month.  (I shut off the trash as well but it's back on!)

Due to the hotspot thing I'm tying not to go on line much so my recording here will be spotty!  That's nothing new though.

Hoping everything goes smoothly from here on out so that I can once again head for Montana.

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Chookyblue...... said...

Goodluck with all the packing up.....