Friday, July 15, 2016

Boxing up, still and I take a day off!

I'm still boxing things up, sigh.  Yesterday, I hit a wall with it.  Just could not face another empty box to be filled or filled box to be toted to the garage.  Today, I took the day off.  Quinn went to Camp Bow Wow-which she loves and never wants to leave-for the day.  (She's now all tuckered out, trying to keep all those other dogs in a group is hard work!)  I headed out to do mostly fun errands.

The Container Store-They have lots of fun stuff!  I bought plastic flour, and sugar boxes that you can just set the bag inside, plus some containers for cream cheese etc.  Then I found packing corners for my wall art (which means perhaps I will not need to buy more bubble wrap!) and a container of Museum wax-the fairies want to go along and I don't want them broken.) Maybe some other stuff, who knows?

IKEA-For some reason I cannot find IKEA from the south!  No problem getting there from home but for the second time now I've taken the wrong highway and then a very circuitous route just to buy some stuff to put under the rugs so they won't slip and 3 turquoise dog tail hooks!  I rarely go to the southwest corner of the 435 loop around the city so I get confused.  Is there a lesson there?  I should go more often?  I think not!

Dave's Deli- for lunch with a friend on the square in Independence.  Yummy food and good conversation.

U-Haul- for mattress bags and mirror packs.

I did stop off at the house as it's near the U-Haul place and drop stuff off.

Home Goods, and Target- Only got a few trailer things in both places.

Bed Bath and Beyond- looking for a cheese slicer-think I'll just continue to use a knife-the wire ones break so easily.

Costco- was next, more boxes, Coffee beans and a ink refill.

Then it was off to get Quinn and head home.  I'm tired but ready to tackle the packing again tomorrow!

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