Monday, March 28, 2016

Design wall Monday-Not!

This should be a Design Wall post.  However, there is nothing on my design wall!  No point in a photo of a blank white wall.  I did get my sewing machine back last Thursday but between getting caught up on sleep and catching up on three weeks of housework there hasn't been much done on the machine.  I should finish the Raggy block tops tomorrow though, if I'm not too tired.

It snowed on Easter!  Today it was warm enough to leave the door open for Quinn to go in and out.  Don't like the weather in Missouri wait a bit-it'll change!

Three nights now without sleep disturbed by pain or requiring pain meds!  I think it'll be a few more nights before I can say I've bought up on my sleep!  Sleep brought on by drugs just isn't as restful.  That said I'm going to go make up my bed with clean sheets and get in it!

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a good yarn said...

Delighted to read that you've had some decent rest. Snow at Easter?! our summer is hanging on. Temps up to 32degC this week. It won't be cool enough for me until I can start wearing my scarves.