Thursday, March 17, 2016

Cross-stitch update.

Last week saw virtually no stitching done so this is really all about this week.

It's coming along.
Especially since I unsewed quite a bit on the left hand mouse.

Still it is coming along and will come on even better as my
sewing machine had to go into the hospital.

It began to have a life of it's own -if it was a fancy computer model I'd say that AI had gone nuts!
Sometimes it wouldn't stitch.
Turn off, turn on, stitch.
Then it wouldn't stop stitching.
Turn off, turn on.
Surely the most amusing event was when I walked away from it for a minute to find it stitching away with me on the other side of the studio!
Turn off.  Pack it up.
Two and a half weeks-  no machine.

I considering the purchase of a second machine.
This one is a Janome and they go from what I have to the very fancy computer models costing big bucks.  I'd never use all that stuff and it's likely to be un-reliable.
On my way home I stopped of at Joanne's (3rd time this week) to look at Viking/Husquvarna.  
There's a  possible there.
Think I'll look at Bernina's before I decide.
Any thoughts?


Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

Oh my it sounds as if your machine had poltergeists! :)

a good yarn said...

You know I've always wanted a machine that did e sewing for me! Not quite the same thing though is it? I have two machines, both Janomes, but only because the feet and bobbins fit both. If I could afford a new one I think it would be a Bernina. Some models cost more than a small car!