Monday, February 13, 2012

Winter Came!

Here it is, the middle of February and we finally have winter!  The past several days have the drapes drawn against the cold, another blanket on the bed, and more layers on the body.  This morning we awoke to an 1.5 inch of snow-give or take.  That's more snow than the rest of the season combined!  This was Quinn's first real snow and she took it in stride, digging through it, eating it and generally romping on the snow covered deck.  We did get one walk in yesterday but only one in three days is making for an antsy puppy, tomorrow we should get in one and Wednesday she goes to Doggy Day care at Camp Bow Wow for the first time.  I hope she has fun and runs a lot!

I have been stitching some, folding and cutting fabric from the massive piles, and today I actually got out the town of Kansas research!  I'm trying a new tactic there-I don't have to work on it but I can't do anything else either.  I can't do dishes or stitch or even read during the time I have set aside to work on that, I'll let you know how that goes.

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