Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Sewing Room!

Before I began all the sewing room madness there was a smallish (8x10inch maybe) basket crammed on the bottom shelf of the bookcases.  Somehow Quinn managed to get in and make herself comfortable, getting out was a bit tricky though!  Nothing to do with how the room turned out but cute puppy pictures are always going to find their way into the posts!

This is what I faced last Tuesday morning after the weird beginning to this project!  All the stuff off the one bookcase that later collapsed plus a bunch of other homeless things!

Now for some photos of the mostly finished room!

This is my desk.  It's massive.  The top is quite a bit larger than the base and measures something like 3x6 feet!  That's a lot of real estate in a 10x10 foot room but I love it so it stays and is cleared off-hadn't seen the top in a while until now.  The file cabinets (2) are full of family history files as well as a few research files.  There's a small tv on top, it isn't hooked up to dish so I only watch movies on it.  Moving On.

To my right when I sit at my desk are three book cases, well really two and a half.
The one's nearest my desk are for my research and other paper stuff, like gardening books.  If I ever finish the Town of Kansas book there will be a lot of empty shelves!  The other one is for non-sewing crafts, my craft paints, glues, knitting basket and scrapbook stuff.  Then there the door-it's a good thing I have skinny fingers as I have to reach behind the shelf to turn the light on and off!

When the door is open it backs against the closet/design wall.
This is the closet view, you will notice that there is empty room on the shelves, well once I take out all the empty boxes and re-arrange there will be--room enough for the two boxes of home decor fabric I have in the attic.  Rob will get those down for me one day soon.

Next to the closet are the two bookcases that hold my sewing and quilting supplies.
The cutting table still has fabric on it to deal with, there are several pieces that will probably end up as a fat quarter and scraps.  All the rest of the fabric is either in the fat quarter boxes on the top three shelves nearest edge or stored in these:

Each piece was measured, refolded around a file folder and filed in the box by the yardage (1/2 yd to 4 yds).  I will be seeing fabric to fold in my sleep!  I think it will be easier to see what I have and to keep neat this way.

Next around the room is my sewing machine!
I'm looking for a different table, that one is just too low!  The pile next to it is my current project pile-only a pile because one project is bulky.  Then we are back to the file cabinets!  I have a square of floor left in the middle and a spot big enough for the ironing board (although I can't leave it up anymore.)

So there you have it.  Please the gods it will work better for me and I won't spend an hour looking for my scissors!


a good yarn said...

Looks like organised chaos to me! You have such a lot of stuff in there - it's amazing how it all fits. Always delighted to see pix of Quinn. Once you get it ship shape you'll be ready and set to go! ann :-)

Anonymous said...

Dieter is always amazed how we quilters/sewers can squeeze so much in such small spaces. I tell him it is an art!!!

Quinn sure is making herself at home;-)

blessings, jilly

scraphappy said...

Best of luck with the sewing room project. Looks like you have your work cut out for you.