Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spring visited for the day!

I have been really lazy about blogging, not much going on to talk about.  Today, Spring came for a visit!  It is still 74 degrees outside and nearly full dark.  It was quite breezy but otherwise just great.  I know it won't last but it was great to go about shopping without a coat!  I took a walk in the park this morning then dealt with grocery shopping then Rob grilled burgers for us.  About this time every year we start to really wish for good hamburgers on the grill!  Tomorrow I have to really clean house and it's to be cooler, I will walk in the morning though.  I'm working up to four miles, I really need the exercise!  I have nearly finished the first sort of the photos, the second sort is just to be sure I have things in the right place and to put like photos together.  When that is finished the boxes come back to the office from the living room and get put away.  I will scan them to the computer a bit each day but no pressure and then each year I will scrapbook a decade.  (If that never happens, at least I have them ordered and not in big totes where I can't find anything!)  I am really trying to get some projects finished as there seem to be so many hanging over my head that it makes me unhappy.  I am working to remove those things that stand in the way of my happiness.

I find the house odd in it's dog-less state.  I catch myself looking for Kelsey, it's weird.  I have to tell you what Brayden said.  (Keep in mind he's had much more experience with death than most five year olds.)  I picked Brayden and Kolby at daycare on Tuesday and when we pulled into my drive Brayden said, "Well, I hear Kelsey is sick."  Me:  " Sweetie, Kelsey went to play with Charley and Grandad."  Brayden, "I did not go to that funeral."  Me:  "We didn't have a funeral for her but she's playing with Grandad and Charley."  Brayden, "You need to get another dog, Granna."  Then he commented on how weird the house was without her, to the point of being "scary."  He's quite a guy!

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