Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I've been lazy!

It's true, sigh.  I lazed about and read most of last week, just loved it.  Now I have to get to work!  I've nearly finished the first sort of the photos, should get done tomorrow, all the 9 patches have disappeared and are being sewn up into strips bit by bit and some blocks for a gift quilt are being assembled.  On Saturday we had Brayden's 5th birthday here instead of at his house as all the snow left us no where to park all the cars!  We had a fun time, ate good food and he got a lot of loot!  On Super bowl Sunday one of our quilt shops holds a big sale, I'm not buying any fabric for myself but they had fat quarters for a $1.00 (which as we all know is super cheap) and I wanted to get my mother in law 80 fat quarters for her 80th birthday next month so I went out there, mission accomplished!  Now I have to figure out a cool presentation for them.  Last night was Brayden's night to play here, he and Tanya hung left over balloons on the ceiling with static electricity-what fun! Today, I went back to the Historical Society for volunteer time, only my second day since before Christmas--I hardly knew what to do!  Ha-Ha, I'll be doing the same thing for quite some time to come.  Then had a nice visit with a friend who lives near the square.  Picked up Chinese take out on my way home,yummo.  For a nice surprise Steve and Nora "Skyped" me for a while-she is getting so big and now interacts with the person on the computer.  I think that's because her Uncle Rob makes silly faces at her when they skype! 

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