Friday, December 29, 2017

UN-time Days 3 and 4

I phoned the hospital, again, to get copies of a CT scan done early in the month.
Was to have been sent to my MD.
Was sent to some MD but not mine.
Paper reports came, no CD.
Wait, what?!
You can't get then from medical records you have to go to radiology!
Called them.
Left message.
Picked up the CD today.
Life is very complicated.
And frustrating.

After all that I went to the studio and worked on Trip quilts.
I might finish the quilting on Brayden's tonight,
I might actually finish it before the end of the year-probably NOT!

After the trip to the hospital,
one stop off at Lowes for a board
one stop off at Red Robin (YUMM) where the fries are delish
one stop at the grocery store
Finally, home.
and a nap.

Now, I'm going to play around on Ancestry for a bit.

Oh, about the photo.
This was taken in the fall but that geranium is blooming in the window of my office.
They usually get all leggy in the winter house and I've never had one bloom before.
I only brought them in to take cutting from them late next month for the yard in the spring.

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a good yarn said...

I understand your frustration. My workplace has a similar name to the local hospital and the post office sorters often include medical reports in the pres-sorted bundle delivered by the postman. I haven't been out since before Christmas but need a trip to the quilt shop for batting and thread. (Must not look sideways at any fabric). That's a pretty geranium. I saw some beautiful ones at the plant nursery a month or so ago. They were sourced from The Geranium Nursery at Dural who just happen to have a delightful cafe on site. I foresee a trip.