Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Un-time Day Two

First, what I sent to Janimary in the Secret Santa Swap!

I also sent some goodies from Missouri Star Quilt Company 
(fancy sewing pins, bookmark and to do pad)
Cause everyone seems to know about the place!
Also a fat quarter of Kokopelli fabric, 
And some tourist information about Missouri as well as a small map showing my location.
She like it! Yay!

For Un-time I actually took a shower and got dressed.
Did some boring computer stuff.
Set up my gift membership at Ancestry 
and just now filled a tube with spit for the DNA test.

I'm going to the studio to work on Brayden's quilt next!

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a good yarn said...

What a lovely mat you made for Janimary. So glad she liked everything you sent her. I've been poking about ancestry and other records researching ancestors but I don't need to spit in a tube to know that I'm 99% Anglo Celtic. The fair skin and Irish/Scottish rellies are bit of a giveaway. It is rather interesting though. I'm having lunch in a couple of weeks with a cousin who has researched that side of the family and my aunt. I have a few questions for them. Some sewing is happening as well. And eating. And chores. And napping.