Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Un-time Day One

First, I want to share my gifts from Chookyblue's Secret Santa Swap!
Coming all the way to me from Chookyblue herself!
Love the bag-think my own English Paper Piecing just found a home!
The needle case-just amazingly beautiful.
Such a tiny Lucy Boston block.
Love it all!
As well as the Australia Calendar (which didn't make the photos-oops)
The family all had a look at the Outback.

I can't show a post of what I sent to Janimary as I don't know if she's opened it!
I do know she liked the ornament though!

Next, about this post's title.
I always think of the week between Christmas and New Year's as
It just doesn't seem to fit in the current year and yet isn't in the new one either.
A Quirk of mine.
I do have a list of things to accomplish this week, but it's mostly about relaxing and doing as I please.
Today, I've been reading and working at the disaster that was my house.
I have a small kitchen.
That's fine when it's just me but it's very easy to destroy it's tidiness!
Since I had 11 here for dinner, yeah a big mess.
The dishwasher is running for the third time since we ate last night.
A few things will need washed up by hand a bit later.
I've gotten the folding chairs and table taken down (but not stored)
 and the main table returned to it's rightful place.

But for now I'm going to curl up on the sofa 
under a quilt
in front of the fire
while it snows a bit outside
and read!


Chookyblue...... said...

OMG you know exactly what I was thinking.............its an elegant piece of fabric to make a home for Lucy...........as my Lucy has grown she now has a home of her own...........she lives in a bag this size...........keeps her comfy and safe...........
and I had fun making the fiddly little Lucy block........
So pleased you like the goodies I sent........Just realised I didn't put a tie or button on the needle book..........woops
thanks for being part of the SSCS........

a good yarn said...

Such lovely gifts from Chookyblue. I agree, this time between Christmas is rather odd but a great time to relax after the build up to and excitement of Christmas. Enjoy reading by the fire while the snow falls (I'm just a tad envious). I've taken my EPP project out and dusted it off. It's been cool enough for a little hand stitching whilst the Boxing Day Test match (cricket) is on telly.

Maria said...

Lovely gifts from Chookyblue! I look forward to when you can post some pics of what you made for Jannimary. Your post-Christmas time sounds a bit like mine, although it's very hot here so we are trying to keep cool as we tidy up and put things away, lol!

Bizzy Martine said...

Beautiful presents!!!!