Tuesday, December 19, 2017

More Christmas Cuteness

Thought you might be getting tired of Santas!
So North Pole Cottages today.
L-R: The Antler Inn, 
Frosty Pines Outfitters,
And the Christmas Bread Bakers (because I like to bake bread.)
You can also see a couple of the funky trees in the collection.
Over the years I've collected,
Small trees,
Funky trees,
Nesting dolls, 
Small animals.
Sometimes, I believe the collection multiplies over the summer.
At any rate I'll not be buying any more as I really have
too much as it is.
Which is the true reason I found it so difficult to put things out.

Today was my last volunteer day of this year.
Next year I'm sure the director will have a new challenge for me!

Marketing yesterday,
Candy making,
dog sitting.
More marketing today.
I'm tired but
more cooking calls!

And so does Quinn!
Time for a walk!
(and maybe a short nap!)


Janice said...

Yes, your village certainly is cute. A lovely decoration for Christmas. Well worth getting out.

a good yarn said...

That's such a lovely Christmas display. No surprise that you are tired after all those tasks. It's been far too hot to cook here and I want to make biscotti and shortbread. A nap is a great idea. Might have one myself zzzzzzzzzz. . .