Thursday, December 7, 2017

Christmas Chaos reigns

The state of the dining area, sigh.

Those of you who stop in pretty regularly (thank you by the way) know that this time last year I was living in a hotel.
Waiting to close on this house.
I did NO trees, NO other decorations either.
Well, I did buy a poinsettia and a Christmas cactus.

Basically, I haven't seen the Christmas decorations since 2015!
(When I put up 5 trees!)
I've spent weeks trying to figure out where to put my North Pole Village.
Finally, I decided to move these bookcases and the old pie safe from my  bedroom 
into the dining area.
Trading places with the base of the hutch I had in there
(And never liked.)
Unload shelves.
Unload cabinets.
Drag, push and pull furniture.
Reload shelves.
Reload cabinets.
That took all of my energy for last Saturday.

Got out the big tree for the living room.
Brought up the coffee table to set it on.
(I have HUGE windows in the living room-which I love)
Put it together.
Brought in the heavy ladder to use for decorating.
Then it was time for Ethan's 6th birthday bash.

Finally, got the big tree
and the Santa's finished yesterday.
Got out one of the 4' tree for my room only to find that it had broken loose from the base sometime during the move, sigh.
Tried to glue and stabilize it but no luck.
Gave up.

Today, I brought the 2nd 4' tree down and took the broken one out, the lights didn't all work on that one.
Guess I'll be removing those and replacing them.

I'll put up the cottages.
Then do finishing touches on the living area.
Might even get the stockings hung!
Or Not.

I hope your December is going better than mine!
I haven't even begun to shop!

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a good yarn said...

I've only managed to put up the tree (a new 7ft pre lit job bought at a sale). It's such a lot of work so I admire your efforts greatly. Have started the shopping and have been making little pots of jam for my work colleagues. Need to decide what we are having on Christmas Day food wise. Bought a couple of food magazines but nothing inspiring.