Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Ta-Da Kolby's Trip Around the World One Last Time

Took the final stitches on Sunday.
It's been washed and dried.
I'll be taking it to him soon.
Hope he likes it!

Brayden's trip is nearing completed flimsy.
Ethan's is cut out ready for making blocks.
Ryan's is being cut-think I'll need more green for that one.
Nora's Granny is still waiting.

In other news, 
I beta read 
Maren Ferguson's (aka Suzie O'Connell) new novel (The Driftwood Promise) last night
I've been Beta reading for Suzie for a while now-nagging her as well.
The nagging is fun and she actually looks forward to it!

I've been getting my spine stretched to hopefully help the compressed disc.
I have a kidney stone, sigh.
Working on getting that resolved before it becomes an emergency.

Like a crazy woman I put a jigsaw puzzle up on the table.
I shouldn't have done that!


Chookyblue...... said...

Wow it looks great.....

a good yarn said...

Stunning! The colour gradations are spot on in this TOTW. Sorry to read about the kidney stone and compressed disc. Best wishes for a speedy resolution to both. Is Beta-Reading anything like proof reading?