Sunday, August 6, 2017

Busy and tired!

Last week's 7 inches of rain in the night left us with flooding in the area, although not for me.
Somehow, the storms have messed with my sleep cycle and I am now getting up several times a week at 5:30am (or maybe a bit earlier).  I am NOT a real morning person.
On the plus side I got to watch the sun come up! I hardly ever do that.
The other thing the big rain storms brought was really cool temperatures.
Cool enough to enjoy being outside for an entire day.

So I took this guy (Ethan) to the Kansas City Zoo on Friday.
Besides seeing some animals-he really likes things in the water: Fish, otters, penguins, sea lions-we rode the little train, the carousel and the tram to Africa and back.
Then we had ice cream!
He was a trooper, very careful not to lose his Granna who is known to wander off! 

Then yesterday the rain came again.
All day.
I think we got about 5 inches this time.
I went to the Farmer's Market for sweet corn in the rain!
Then I came home and changed out of wet clothes.

The local kids and grands came for dinner so the biggest boys (Rob and Lucas) could move the big furniture around for me.
I'm glad to have the big pieces in place (and yes I did repair one of the IKEA cabinets with no trouble.)
So I can now unload boxes in the studio and get ready to paint the walls in the office.
Photos when I'm finished-maybe Wednesday for the studio.

I've been getting at least one block on Kolby's Trip around the word quilt every day and it is nearly half finished !  

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a good yarn said...

Happy to take some of that rain off your hands. We are having August winds (first time in quite a few years) so no rain for us. Sounds like a fun day was had at the zoo and I'm envious of that market fresh sweet corn. Great progress on the TOTW.