Saturday, July 15, 2017

They Paint Too!

Left to right:  Brayden, Kolby and Ethan

I told you about my oh so cute mowing crew, 
well, did you know they also paint?
(Kolby thought we were painting pictures-he was shocked that we were painting walls!)
They are just getting started but they painted the whole wall they are working on here, plus another short wall on Thursday.  
Before we ran out of paint!
Then a short wall plus on Friday-they were tired.
I know how they feel.
They all used a roller as well as a brush, even Ethan!
Paint got on the floor.
So what!
I'll be painting the cement floor later anyway.
During one of their breaks Brayden asked what the I-beam was.
I told him it held up the weight of the house.
So, he wanted to know if it was okay to swing from it!
I asked if he thought his weight would bring the house down on us!
Little monkeys played at hanging from it for a bit, 
then went back to paint.

Their Daddy said I had more patience than him-I just knew they needed
something to do while at my house and paint on the wall is paint on the wall no matter how it gets there!
I'm putting the second coat on now.
Will need to more paint yet.
That masonry just slurps it up.
First step of new studio will be done this week.
Then it's on to painting the floor (after first etching and priming it.)

I'm also bringing empty totes and holiday boxes up to the garage.
Don't want to move things around more than necessary!

I'm off now to sew the binding on Sparkling Nines-it's really quite hot to have a quilt on your lap!


a good yarn said...

Bear with me here. . . seeing the boys paint and reading about them swinging from the I beam, made me think of the Ninja Turtles - Donatello, Michaelangelo, Leonardo and Raphael with you as their wise master Splinter. Okay so you are one turtle short. No matter. It's good for kids to do some physical work and see the efforts of their labours, not mention helping out in the family.On the odd occasion when I've had to sewing a binding on a quilt in summer, I put the quilt on a table and just have the area I'm stitching hanging over. It's a lovely mild winter's day here with plenty of sunshine. I'm baking and meal prepping for a return to work next week. Decided to give those Cinnamon Buns a try since you see them all over the interwebs.

Chookyblue...... said...

well they had fun painting I am sure...........something different to the usual...........can't wait to see it all finished.........